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Did You Miss Me?

Did You Miss Me

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Usually I am totally unaware of my shortcoming. My mom and my mother-in-law will shush me when I get excited about a subject causing my voice raise. My brother will say something like “You know that you know how to do that,” when I get lazy and am actually believing that I can’t do it, whatever it may be.

This past week, my patients, creativity, empathy and constructiveness have been tested. I surprised myself a little. I found patience and constructiveness to be manageable. Even my creativity and empathy weren’t a total disaster until Thursday.

This run of tests occurred when Hubby came home from work at 11:00pm Monday night and announced that we should get both of our PCs a good once over by our PC repairman, Rik Richter. He got his business going about the same time we purchased our house 5 1/2 years ago. I was one of his first customers. Since then, his business has grown. Here in the Tennessee Mountains, his company services 3 (or is it 4) counties now. And it isn’t just individuals like me. He has several contracts going with different companies.

This last Tuesday, Hubby loaded both CPUs into the back of our Blazer and we took them to Richter’s Technology. The office manager/receptionist said that she’d try to push for maintenance completion by the next day but it could be the day after. Jason, a technologist I hadn’t heard of before would be doing the job.

When Wednesday came and the phone didn’t ring during the day, I felt no anxiety. I had my post scheduled for Tuesday morning and I knew that there was a good possibility that my PC wouldn’t be ready until Thursday. However, at first I was at a loss as to what to do with my time that day. Tuesdays are usually reserved for cleaning the bathrooms and washing the towels and bedding. Neither takes up a full day. In fact, except for remaking the beds, these tasks together only take about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. If I had my PC, I’d be working on my writing project, checking my email and reading posts of friends.

My creativity and constructiveness have definitely become dull and in dire need of sharpening. I finally discovered a book I had bought but hadn’t read yet, Mother Earth Father Sky. My eyes got tired after six chapters though. You see (no pun intended) I have astigmatism. My glasses help but they don’t correct it completely. So there I was trying to find something else to do with my time. When I went into the kitchen to grab another cup (okay, big mug) of coffee, I could see how dirty the walls were in there. I don’t have that ‘backsplash’ effect so the wall showing in between where the cupboards ended and the counter begins had all sorts of food spots on it. It didn’t take long to clean but it did give me something to do. To tell you the truth, I think that maybe a backsplash would be more difficult to clean seeing that all it is is a bunch of little tiles.

Hubby called on the PCs on Thursday. They still weren’t ready. An ‘emergency’ with one of the companies had come up. When I think of an emergency, I don’t think of a computer with a virus. I think of a person in the emergency room of a hospital playing touch and go with death. Nevertheless, that’s the reason Hubby was given.

Yes, I was a little miffed about the answer received. But then I started wondering, maybe this was meant to be because I needed to be pulled away from the computer. I’ll admit, I seem to have an ‘on again off again’ love affair with my dear contraption. And usually the affection is on, not off. If I really had an itching to write that was bad enough, I’d get out paper and pen, right?

With all this time on my hand this last Thursday, I cleaned windowsills, vacuumed and used my Swiffer duster on the ceiling fans. I watched the DVD, Driving Miss Daisy and read for the rest of the day. I even got in a 45-minute nap in. Unfortunately, that evening I got sick. I don’t know what caused it but that doesn’t make any difference. It wouldn’t change the fact that I was sick.

Yesterday Hubby called about the CPUs again. Mine was ready but his wasn’t. I still wasn’t feeling good but was relieved to know that they hadn’t just blow us off. When Hubby came back with my beloved black box, I was on the sofa, drinking tea and munching on saltine crackers, the food of champions who puke.

I was using the PC a little yesterday late afternoon, but I really couldn’t get anything done. I was still kind of weak.


Anyway, if you were wondering where I’ve been this week, if you’ve been missing me at all, now you know my sorted tale of woe.



18 comments on “Did You Miss Me?

  1. April

    Not that I’m diminishing your illness, but housework makes me ill too. 🙂 Anyway, glad you’re back. I had about 4 days without internet, and I had to find things to do. Then I didn’t feel like doing anything on the computer. Glad you are up and running to continue with your writing!


    • Glynis Jolly

      The odd thing about me and housework is I used to clean my house every day. I’m not kidding. I’d have the vacuum running by 8am. Except for the bathroom and kitchen floors, all housework would be done by 10am. The floors would be last and were done by 12 noon. Now my house gets cleaned once a week and it’s done in daily shifts. I’ve gotten lazy in my old age. 😀


  2. Paul Graham

    Glad you got it back Glynis. Had my own tech issue recently when a dog body checked my laptop in rural Nova Scotia where there are few techs and all are busy. One full weeks withdrawal improved my guitar playing but no fun answering comments from a smartphone the size of a Chiclet. Also managed to write an 1100 word post in 2 hours online allotment at the nearest library. Didn’t think I could type that fast and when I saw all the typos realized I was right ! Thanks for sharing. It is a bizarre addiction !


    • Glynis Jolly

      Thanks for visiting, Paul. Although I’ve been to Canada, haven’t had the opportunity to see Nova Scotia. A smartphone the size of a chicklet — do they still make those? My husband and I share a cell phone (notice I didn’t say smartphone). It’s one of those where you need the card of prepaid minutes in order to use it, and then you can only call someone or text them. You must have your posts all thought out in your head before typing. In 2 hours, I could probably get 750 words out if I really tried.


  3. Cindi

    Withdrawal from our online connections is *tough* isn’t it?! You filled up the hours quite well! My little apartment is begging me to do the same thing, I think. 😉 (Hope you’re feeling better!)


    • Glynis Jolly

      Yes, Cindi, I am feeling much better. I do need to schedule my time more efficiently. I have plenty of time that I waste. 😀


  4. peakperspective

    Glad to hear you’re back from the depths of the couch. And a break now and then – even one flat on your back – can add some new perspective and hopefully a revived sense of mental (if not physical) health.
    Yes, the black box is an issue. What a drug. Wonder if we’ll all be able to kick the habit one day. Fingers crossed.
    Be well, Glynis!


    • Glynis Jolly

      Yes, I think I might have needed to break because I’m rethinking the story I’m writing. Right now, what I have in my first draft is reading awkward now. As for the black box addiction — if we didn’t have them, we’d just have to figure it out. 😉


  5. suzjones

    I agree with Irene. I have a dependency on these black boxes too.
    Glad you got yours back.


    • Glynis Jolly

      I like having it back. However, Hubby’s was taken in at the same time and he doesn’t have his back yet. I have a feeling that it’s ready but Rik’s receptionist/office manager is lazy and brainless. She hasn’t a clue how to walk back into the work room and check to set in the CPU is in parts or is put together. I guess she feels it isn’t her job to do that. The tech. guy is out today so we’re waiting for a call back that will probably never happen. Hubby will probably have to physically go in and ask this brainless woman to walk a few feet to check on the status. I’m tempted to try to call Rik on his cell phone.


      • suzjones

        🙂 Good luck.


        • Glynis Jolly

          Hubby finally got his CPU this morning. However, his mood is still crabby. I’m hoping the nice weather we’re having this week will change that.


  6. I worry at our dependency on these machines. Once upon a time I filled in time in other ways – now if I can’t compute I panic. I’d be completely lost without it.


    • Glynis Jolly

      I don’t think I’d be lost without my PC, although I’d be conning Hubby into taking me to the store to buy tons of spiral notebooks, stationery, mechanical pencils and erasers. If I’m not having pain in my thumb joint from the mouse, I’m going to have it from holding a pencil. 😀


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