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In other words, total frustration and excessive agitation.

Hubby is having neck surgery on May 29th. Yes, I know it isn’t an easy operation like getting your tonsils taken out, but medical science, procedures and skill have come a long way. Many of the things that could go wrong aren’t those life-threatening things they used to be. He has 2 herniated disks that need to be fused and then put back in place with metal.

Hubby wants to change the furniture around so that he can be more comfortable right after the surgery. When he told me, I said there wasn’t any problems doing that. After all, it will only be for one or two months. The living room will look awful. There’s no doubt about it. But Hubby’s comfort comes first.

So what did he do when my back was turned this last Sunday? He moved the furniture around so that it looks utterly disgusting. Trying my best to be the ‘good wife’, I diverted my eyes from the disaster in the living room and began to take things out of the bathroom so that when the plumber came the next day (that’s yesterday, Monday) to put in the brand new shower, all junk would be out of his way. Nevertheless, the bathroom distraction didn’t last long. Yesterday, I changed the furniture back to the way it was. I’ve assured Hubby that I’ll be switching it again during that one night he stays in the hospital.

When yesterday morning came, I thought for sure the plumber and whatever crew he needed would be here by 9am at the latest. We didn’t get a call until 10:30 telling us that the bottom part of the shower, the part they needed to put in first hadn’t arrives. It was supposed to be there by 11am. There wasn’t any point in them coming over without it.

Okay, now that he had called, I wasn’t nervous anymore. Noontime rolled by and left. Then 1pm came, and it left too. The knot in my stomach reappeared. By 1:45, I’m so angry I could have spit bullets. I informed Hubby that I was going to call the plumber. He stopped me and told me he would call. Could it be that Hubby was afraid of what I’d say to the stupid asinine plumber? No doubt about it.

Hubby was as sweet as pie to the plumber on the phone. The plumber said the part came in a little bit ago. Did Hubby ask why no one called at that point? No. The plumber said that he was waiting until the next day (today, Tuesday) to come and start the work seeing that he was at another job. What happened to the priority of our job? I mean, we had already given money for the parts needed for the work. Did Hubby ask about this? No. Did he ask what time the dimwitted jerks would be here today (Tuesday)? No.

It isn’t time for the morons to be here yet today. I have serious doubts that they’ll show up before 10am.

We were told that this job would take 1 1/2 days to complete. I don’t believe that for a second. In meantime, we are without a full bathroom. Yes, we can brush our teeth, wash our faces, and we have a toilet to use in our master bedroom. (It’s a half-bath.) However, we cannot take showers. We’ll have to settle for spit baths at the sink. If I want to wash my hair, I’ll have to do that at the kitchen sink. And this will have to go on for at least another day.

Yes, I know that the situation isn’t impossible. I wouldn’t even be fuming if only the plumber would keep us in the loop of what is going on. I know he didn’t have any control over when that part would arrive. Still, he could have made a quick call to us on his cell phone, which he already told us he had, and gave us a fast update of the situation. That way I would think he’s being considerate and values us as customers.

I hate being left in the dark. Obviously, I’m not one who likes surprises. I probably expect too much out of others.



19 comments on “SundayMondayTuesday

  1. aletao

    The reason I won’t go camping is because I refuse to stay somewhere without a bathroom. That includes my own home. It’s miserable!


    • Glynis Jolly

      I’m okay with camping as long as there’s a decent outhouse. I don’t like it but it’s tolerable. 🙂


  2. April

    Whew! Didn’t that feel good to get off your chest?


    • Glynis Jolly

      YES! It did although, believe it or not, more bad followed what I wrote in this post. As soon as the drama has settled, I’ll post about it.


  3. Let's CUT the Crap!

    Yep. Parr for the course. Tradespeople seem to think because we can’t live without them, whatever happens, happens. Right now, I’m waiting for over a week for the guy to come back about my gas fireplace. I’ve been freezing my butt off as well as my nose. Ack!


    • Glynis Jolly

      Over a week, Tess? Dear friend, if there’s another company you can call, do it. If not, call they and bug them nonstop until they get someone out there. Two days would have been my limit.


      • Let's CUT the Crap!

        Trouble is I paid $236 and I have no heat, and I have appointments, yada, yada, yada. $(*_*)$


        • Glynis Jolly

          Tess, call them and rant, then call them again and rant. You deserve service, dear. ❤


          • Let's CUT the Crap!

            I did call the service guy yesterday but he wouldn’t pick up. Have to go out-of-town in a few minutes but when I come back I’m going straight to the store and demanding my money back.


            • Glynis Jolly

              Tess, I know it’s going to be hard to go into that store demanding satisfaction. But I also know that you can do it and either receive service or money immediately. ❤


              • Let's CUT the Crap!

                Got hold of repair guy before I went out of town today. Says he’s still waiting for that part. Thank goodness summer is coming but still I didn’t get my money’s worth and I intend to. ❤ ❤


              • Glynis Jolly

                Why didn’t he call you when he knew he had to wait for the part? Maybe you should ask him if he values his customers or if he’s TRYING to go under because of lack of thereof.

                Service related professions are going to hell in a hen basket. 😦


              • Let's CUT the Crap!

                That’s exactly true. The customer doesn’t matter anymore, it seems.
                I have talked to him. We had an appointment when the part came in but we rescheduled because the job he was on was complicated and long. We’ll see what happens on Wednesday.


  4. Elizabeth Potter, c.p.c.

    Yes, it seems manners have flown out the window. I had similar issue with a construction guy, he kept saying he would be here and he never showed. I gave up and called someone else. When the first guy finally showed up, he was shocked that I hadn’t waited for him and the job was already done.
    One piece of advice don’t ever give money until the job is complete. He has no reason to hurry along, he got paid already.
    May you find your Zen admist the chaos. 🙂


    • Glynis Jolly

      Oh, we didn’t give him all of the money, Elizabeth. This is a small town, which means a line of credit is rarely given, so we had to pay for the parts up front.

      They did arrive at 9am this morning (Tuesday) and worked until 4:30. They would have worked longer but the next thing to go in would have taken over a hour and a half. Still, I doubt that I’ll tell them that they did a good job no matter how wonderful it looks. And I won’t be recommending them to anyone either.


      • Elizabeth Potter, c.p.c.

        Well there you go. 🙂
        Reminds me of when I receive horrible service at a restaurant, my tip I leave is a note saying ‘do better next time”. Although, I never go back to an establishment that gives rotten service – once is enough.

        First thing one learns in business is that the last impression is as important as the first – for some it takes a bit of learning. Apparently they aren’t in need of referrals since they don’t make an effort to ‘do the right thing’.

        I shake my head at all the things that need to be done around here, but for the very reasons you state, I hesitate in even beginning.

        I hope your day goes well today! 🙂


        • Glynis Jolly

          We are getting a solid oak vanity for no extra money now, which is something.

          They were 4 minutes late this morning. Nothing to even talk to them about. They’re busy working their tails off right now. Still, I’m apprehensive.

          Go ahead and have the work done Elizabeth. Just ask for the names and phone numbers of previous customers and call them first. You live in a fairly large city, which makes this doable. (Just a suggestion. Throw it out a window if you don’t want to do it. I won’t be offended ❤ )


  5. Jacqui Murray

    I would have been chuckling along with your diatribe, but I got into the spirit of the annoyance. On the other hand, I’ve simply given up expecting timeliness, courtesy, calls, humanity from service workers. Sigh.


    • Glynis Jolly

      Hi Jacqui,
      I haven’t given up and that just may be my problem. Every time I think, “Maybe this time they’ll prove my pessimistic attitude wrong.” Couple of time someone has proven me wrong but that is only a couple as on two times. 😉


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