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Ice Storm Emergency

Ice Storm Emercency

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During the week of February 15th, the weather was brisk, sometimes dipping below freezing into the twenties. People in these neck of the woods were getting concerned about the drop in temperature in comparison to prior years. Even so, no one ever thought an ice storm would hit with such velocity as what occurred on that Friday night of February 20th.

At first, there was just a lot of rain with high winds. Yes, because of the woods surrounding all cities in these mountains and the little forests within residential areas, we peered out the windows with a dreaded curiosity about how many trees would come tumbling down around us, causing structural damage in its quake. I know that at my house, although the concern was definitely there, neither Hubby or I were all that worried.

However, at approximately 3am, we heard a crash outside. I laid there thinking whatever was going on out there wasn’t going to change whether I slept or not, so I chose the former. Hubby’s curiosity is intense. I guess it always has been. He got up and looked out into our backyard. A large elm tree in the woods just beyond our property line had exploded halfway up the trunk. The top half snapped apart and laid on the roof of our shed. From then on other trees would fall or explode in our little subdivision, causing destruction everywhere. The sound was almost like firecrackers. Our power went off about 6am. The utility lines were literally laying on the railings of our desk. What a way to start a Saturday.

Power outages are occasional here. The utilities are usually restored within 2 to 4 hours. In my estimation, this is due to not having the wires underground and, instead are up above using poles. True, the limestone of the ground here makes burying wires difficult, but even putting them 4 feet underground would be better than what we have now. Of course, who’s going to listen to me?

Hubby and I decided to stay with his mom that night even though she didn’t have power either. At least this way if she needed to go to the hospital, Hubby was there to take her. Besides, while we huddled in blankets, we had some good conversation and munched in summer sausage, cheese, and crackers.

The next day, Hubby’s older brother showed up and whisked us off to his house where he had a fireplace equipped with a cooking range and a generator for some of the utilities. To tell the truth though, I wish we had stayed at my mother-in-law’s. There was too much head-bunting going on over at the brother-in-law’s house. It shouldn’t have been such a hassle. There were six of us. Three lived in the home. Three were guests. It should have taken just minutes to figure out who was going to sleep where and how meals would be handled. However, there was one in the bunch who wanted total control over everything and everybody, not giving any room for any small preferences.

We stayed a grueling two and a half days there. My poor mother-in-law is still there.

It took some time to get all utilities running. Internet took the longest. We’re still having flexes once in a while, as well as brief outages. The lines are still laying on the deck railings but they’re working anyway. We’ve tried to call the repair teams but everyone is calling so all we’re getting is a busy signal. We aren’t pressing it seeing that we do have power. Eventually we will get through and get the teams out here to fix the problems.

This wasn’t a national emergency — not one by a long shot. Still, I do think it should be classified as a state emergency because of the devastation covering seven counties. Not everyone was lucky enough to have somewhere warm and comfortable to go to during the catastrophe.



23 comments on “Ice Storm Emergency

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  7. Carla Doria

    I hope the weather has gotten better in March 😉


    • Glynis Jolly

      The weather is a lot better now. We’ve even reached the 70s one day. Yep, Spring is here. 🙂


  8. peakperspective

    I suppose in dire situations we’re all given a glimpse into the best and worst sides of people, and we’re all given an opportunity to show what will surface in ourselves. For folks who are used to being in charge, or need to have a strong element of control in their lives, moments like these can be particularly challenging. The kindness of others can go a long way in relieving a little anxiety.
    Hope all is continuing to improve on your end. It’s been a brutal winter for a lot of folks.
    Cheers, Glynis

    Liked by 2 people

    • Glynis Jolly

      My mother-in-law is the one who handled it best. She sat quietly most of the time.


  9. Kate Loveton

    Ice storms are the worst. We lost so many trees last year. Fortunately, they were at the end of our property, and while it cost us money to have them cut up and removed, they didn’t damage our house.

    Too bad the stay at your brother-in-law’s house turned out to be such a fiasco. There’s always ONE in every crowd that drives everyone else nuts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glynis Jolly

      The tree that exploded was just beyond our property line. We have these lovely woods back there that belong to someone else (who I don’t know). What some miraculous is that our shed was able to withstand the fall of that top half.

      Yes, there is always that one relative that makes any event a challenge to handle. Of course, who ever heard of the perfect family anyway? 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Aquileana

    Oh dear hope better weather arrives there soon!… BTW I nominated you for a Lovely Blog Award (True Colors Version): You can check it out here: https://aquileana.wordpress.com/2015/02/26/%E2%96%BAgreek-mythology-zeus-the-ruler-of-gods/ All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀


    • Glynis Jolly

      Good weather has arrived. All that’s left are puddles and the wreckage done by the storm. Everyone is doing cleanup now.

      I’m not accepting awards anymore. Because of my schedule for my novel project, there isn’t the time for extra online activities. Thank you anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aquileana

        I absolutely understand … Good to know that better days have arrived!… Best wishes, Aquileana ⭐


  11. Hi Glynis, I remember how exciting it was when a big show storm came as a kid and a subsequent power outage. It was like camping out, but in the house. Lol. Doesn’t sound like as much fun as an adult.


    • Glynis Jolly

      Exactly, Susan. My great niece and nephew wanted to go chop the wood that had fallen from the trees. After doing that for about an hour, they’d had enough. Our world is starting to settle down now. It’s going to take me a while to get my bearing back though.


  12. Jacqui Murray

    that’s an amazing story. I’m glad everything worked out.


    • Glynis Jolly

      I’m just glad the worst is over now, Jacqui. We still needs to lines from the pole to our house dealt with but the electrical company was working around the clock all this last week. I’ll wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to call them about what we need.


  13. Cat

    Sounds like my kind of nightmare


    • Glynis Jolly

      I’ve been through natural catastrophes before. The physical part is really quite simple to deal with. It’s the flares of emotions that can do you in.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. April

    Kind of a surprise in the South, isn’t it? After being warned of the horrible storm coming, we were just enough south, we only had about an inch of snow…it’s still on the ground, not the roads. I can’t wait for Spring.


    • Glynis Jolly

      There was a bad storm here in 1992. My MiL has pictures of my FiL scooping the snow off the roof of their home, a double-wide. The first winter we were in this house, there was a bad storm. Because we have a 4wheel drive, we could get out. Others in our neighborhood were getting stuck in the wet snow. If we had a fireplace, we probably wouldn’t have ended up over at the in-law’s house.

      The Mayan calendar only reached the 2012. The folklore says that big changes would occur after that. Well, they are. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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